When can you join us?

Our store is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 10:00 until 18:00.

You will be welcomed by one of our volunteers.

Why buy in our shop?

  1. We offer affordable clothing at very modest prices.
  2. You always buy a unique piece.
  3. You make clothes lead a second life.
  4. You help recycling materials.
  5. You support the environment.
  6. We offer a wide range of various items.
  7. With our returns we help others.

Where can you find us?

Our second-hand shop is located in the center of Malveira on the corner of Rua 1˚ de Maio, n.˚ 3 D, 2665-183 Malveira. This is the location where the market takes place on Thursdays.

How can you help?

You can give a new life to the clothing you no longer want to wear by donating it to our organization. We also welcome toys, kitchenware, textiles, etc.

You help to reduce waste by choosing this form of recycling and hence you contribute to our organization.

All articles in our store are donated by sympathizers. We do not resale.

What do we have to offer in our store?

Our assortment is very extensive and varied. Our stock is renewed on a regular basis. So come and see what we have for available you.

An overview of our assortment:

Clothes and shoes for men, women and children

There is a wide range of clothing available in our store. Lots of different colors and styles. There is a lot for young and old, so something for everyone. You always buy a “pièce unique”. Due to our low prices, you do not have to feel guilty to add another nice piece to your wardrobe.

Clothes and shoes for men, women and children available in the store from €1/unit


Small electrical appliances range from kitchenware or music systems, to home appliances or games.

Electro available in the store from €4/unit


Would you like to brighten up your living area? We have plenty of choice to add some color in your home.

Decoration available in the store from €0,75/unit


Here we offer a wide range of different books: novels, dictionaries, children’s books, comic books, cookbooks, travel books and more.

Books available in the store from €0,25/unit


Also our range of toys constantly changes. This can be from stuffed animals, puzzles, marbles and games to building boxes or craft sets.

Toys available in the store from €1/unit

Household goods

Our range of kitchen and cooking utensils goes from cutlery to pots and pans and kitchenware.

Household goods available in the store from €1/unit

Christian literature

We also offer a small selection of Christian literature, including Portuguese New Testaments, printed especially for Malveira.

Christian literature available in the store from €1/unit


Here we can offer towels, sheets, blankets or curtains.

Textile available in the store from €0,30/towel, €2/sheet

CDs, DVDs, LPs and videos

Here again something for everyone. For those who want to listen, it goes from classical to pop and jazz. Who wants to watch, can choose between adventure, romance, humor, … .

CDs, DVDs, LPs and videos available in the store from €1/unit